In 2011, Leigha was introduced to the Princeton Community Television. She has volunteered her time now,
station. In addition she has worked as a videographer on several independent video productions.

Leigha also taught a 6 week digital photography course at Princeton Community TV in the winter of 2011.
Leigha has also been doing still photography for over 40 years. You can read more about her work

As an independent  Videographer Leigha uses professional video and audio equipment. She uses Adobe
Premiere CS5.5 for her video editing.

Most recently Leigha is reconnecting to her political activism by shooting and producing videos, many with
progressive political overtones. Leigha work covers environmental issues such as Fracking, GMO, access
to safe drinking water and its privatization and access to health care to name a few.

She has worked closely with local peace activist groups including Coalition for Peace Action
CFPA located
on Princeton NJ. She has been involved documenting 99% activities
in 2012and associated conferences  
featuring Paul Krugman.We are Living in Surreal Times In November of 2012, Leigha filmed Noam
Media Objectivity and Reality of US Foeign Policy in the Middle East  and Ami Goodman
The Silenced Majority.

Dr. Helen Caldicott
Fukushima, Abolishing all Nuclear Threats, Global Warming on 3/14/2013. Again,
oam Chomsky  Public Education and The Common Good in February 2013 at East Stroudsburg, PA.,
What is Anarchism? at MIT in Cambridge, MA November 2013 and"How to Ruin an Economy;Some
Simple Ways"
at NorthEastern University in Boston, Ma., on 02/10/20144

Leigha is a  member of the Shaleshock Action Alliance which  is a movement that works toward protecting
our communities and environment from exploitative gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region.
Leigha Cohen was born and raised in NYC. In 1983, she moved
to the Trenton/Lawrenceville vicinity where she presently lives.

Leigha accumulates degrees like others collect fine wine. She
has a way of setting her mind to something and taking it to the
next level. Her education includes a BS in Electrical
Engineering, BA in Sociology, and a Teaching Certificate in
Early Childhood Education.

In the early 1970s Leigha studied photography at Queens
College and The New School followed by one year in the MFA
program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In the late 1970s she
taught preschool and worked as a resource teacher at the
Lexington School for the Deaf. For many years she tutored
college level mathematics and physics.In 1983, after graduating
from Pratt Institute Engineering School with highest honors, she
worked as an electrical engineer at Princeton Plasma Physics
Laboratory followed by a five-year stint with Science Applications International Corporation working on
projects associated with particle accelerators. Leigha Has been disabled with Chronic Pain and Bipolar
Disorder since 2004.
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